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Tailored Services

We offer a wide array of complimentary services to help your business succeed. 


Taxes are where we got our start and it is still our main business. Tax season is all year for us and we don't mind. Get your business taxes professionally prepared and do it for less than some of those "name brand" places charge. Not only that, we offer a more personalized experience. We know all of our clients, you aren't just a number to us.


We got tired of seeing businesses, especially smaller ones, getting ripped off by some of the major payroll providers and certain accounting firms. There is (A) (D)ifferent (P)ayroll provider that charges every time you run payroll whereas we charge a flat monthly fee. If you run weekly payroll with those other guys, you pay them a fee every week. Not with us. You get unlimited payroll for one low rate, and you still get the bells and whistles.


We use Quickbooks like many others, but what we don't have is the insane pricing. Just like with payroll, we offer flat monthly fees so you know exactly how much you are paying each month. We find this approach is much better for small businesses as it makes budgeting much easier.

Alternative Health Benefits

The "Affordable" Care Act changed a lot of rules. Luckily if you have less than 50 employees you are not required to offer health insurance. However, we know a lot of companies would like to offer some form of benefits to their employees, but just can't afford it. That is why we offer alternative benefits. These benefits include Telamedicine, health reimbursement accounts, dependent care FSA, and more! 

All of these benefits are available for any budget. 


401k, SEP, IRA, etc. So many accounts with different rules and regulations. That is why we are here. We will analyze your business and help you determine the best option for you and your employees. 


It doesn't matter if we help you with one service or all of them, as a client of H & K SBS your employees automatically receive discounted tax preparation service at H & K Tax LLC. The discount varies, but they will receive anywhere from 10-25% off regular tax prep fees. Also, all owners of the business receive discounted personal tax prep as well. 

If your business requires multiple service, we offer bundle pricing. We add up the total of all your services and discount it as a whole.